About Us

Welcome to The Sewing Machine!

Fashion Before it Hits the Streets. We design YOU!

The Brand

The Sewing Machine is a mix of two things. First & Foremost getting you International Street fashion ahead of time. Yeah, way before the indian stores start selling it or even SPOT it! And secondly, make it affordable. We know how much it hurts to want to wear something in trend & not wanting to be ripped off!

WHY we do what we do?

The story goes like this: friends & family were not able to buy the latest International Street Fashion & emerging trends.They had to wait for them to come to india (a year or maybe two years later!!!!!) Thus, this inspired us to design & get these trends to the Indian Market without us having to wait.
We aim to get you street-fashion & popular trends ahead of season & before they hits the mainstream market.We also want Fashion to be affordable for all for us. 
Also, our combined love for Blogging- Fashion,Travel,Lifestyle is also a part of the The Sewing Machine to let you have some fun while shopping :)

HOW we do what we do?

Its a Online Only Brand where we sell clothes designed & made by our team of experts. They are inspired by our love of Popular Street-Fashion & International Trends.

Contact us:

The Sewing Machine

Mahadevpura, Bangalore-560048